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The Kwahu Investment Dialogue

The Kwahu Investment Dialogue


Kwahu refers to an area and group of people that live in Ghana and are part of the Twi-speaking Akan group. The area has been dubbed Asaase Aban, or the Natural Fortress, in view of its position as the highest habitable elevation in the country. Kwahu lies in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on the west shore of Lake Volta. The Kwahus share the Eastern Region with their fellow Akans: The Akyem and Akuapem, as well as the Adangbe-Krobos. Among Kwahu lands, a significant migrant population work as traders, farm-hands, fisherfolk, and caretakers in the fertile waterfront ‘melting pot’ of Afram plains. These migrants are mostly from the Northern and Volta Regions, as well as, some indigenous Guans from the bordering Oti and Brong East Regions live in the Afram Plains area. Kwahus are traditionally known to be wealthy traders, owning a significant number of businesses and industries in Ghana.

Access into Kwahu begins from Kwahu Jejeti which share boundary with Akyem Jejeti (both communities are joint but separated by the Brim River) which is roughly two hours drive from the outskirts of Accra and approximately 140.9 km in distance. Kwahu lies midway in the road journey from Accra to Kumasi and serves as the gateway to a cluster of smaller towns set within the hills.

Trading remains the most prestigious of Kwahu activities, and young men sought by whatever means they could to save the necessary capital to establish a shop. Recent developments indicate that this enterprising group of people can provide the new entrepreneurial organization or capital needed for sophisticated setups in a developing country. Within the last few decades, Kwahus have advanced their portfolios and ventured into the acquisition of bigger assets in the manufacturing, hotel industries and command an enviable leadership position in the building materials and pharmaceutical sectors. Kwahus probably own the most housing and commercial properties together with their Ashanti cousins in Accra and other Metropolitan Cities in the South of the country.

This area abounds with several economic potentials especially in Agriculture and Tourism and this is what the Kwahu Investment Dialogue (KID) 2023 being organized by Exodus to Africa seeks to bring to in focus as we bring investors from across the globe.

The Kwahu Investment Dialogue will focus on the Agricultural and Tourism potentials in the Kwahu enclave considering the growing global investors search for the conducive and business friendly environments for investments especially in Ghana. The five-day event will convene leaders from government and the private sector to promote a dialogue on the Agricultural and Tourism agenda that aims to increase investment and technical assistance support for the Kwahu enclave and Ghana in general. Leaders will share relevant experiences and showcase innovative practices. Agriculture and Tourism policy research institutions will share evidence on reform impacts, and business leaders will discuss reforms needed to increase private sector financing. The Kwahu Investment Dialogue will facilitate the discussion on how we can unlock investment financing opportunities for the transformation of Kwahuman through three strategic Pillars (Incentives, Innovation, and Investments) for improved local economies and jobs.

It will help foster Agriculture and Tourism based economic growth and job creation.