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Welcome to EXODUS TO AFRICA Ltd., a registered company dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for transitioning and integrating African Americans, Expats, Westerners, and Africans living in the diaspora into selected destinations in Africa, with our current focus on Ghana.

We understand the desire to establish a home in Ghana, and our mission is to make that a reality. As your one-stop solution, we offer tailored services and support to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to your chosen destination in Ghana.

From providing essential information about the local culture, customs, and lifestyle, to assisting with legal and logistical aspects, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team is committed to offering personalized solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re seeking to relocate permanently, invest in Ghanaian real estate, or simply experience the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, EXODUS TO AFRICA Ltd. is your trusted partner in making Ghana your new home.

Embark on your journey to Ghana with confidence and ease. Contact us today to begin your transition to the rich and diverse land of Ghana.

Addressing the Challenge: A Closer Look at the Issue

With the changing trend of the world economy, the unexpected viral and disease outbreaks around the world and the torch turned on one of humanities oldest enemy; racism predominantly against people of African descent who for four hundred years suffered under the whiplash and oppression from white supremacist. Racism finally got the peak of its desired media attention when George Floyd was murdered just like in the case of uncountable others in broad day light and on Camera. It was a day when the voices of many innocent lives that were cut-short was heard through a 6ft 7inch tall man when he cried out ‘MAMA’ 

We at Exodus To Africa believe without a shadow of doubt that this cry was a call to ‘MAMA AFRICA’ and we made it our life time mission never to hear another black man or woman make that cry without the knowledge that there is indeed true, sincere and un-apathetic help to anyone who wants to make home where they are loved, respected and cherished. A business whose only profit is to see genuine fulfillment in our brothers and sisters as well as anyone seeking true freedom and peace in a place where they are actually royals whose return clan elders and influential people have been waiting on. 

We apologize to all our brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short before we could reach them.

We apologize to all the royals who never got to visit or perhaps were denied of their right to know their ancestry and the truth; that irrespective of how western propaganda has painted it, We come from an opportunity filled, resource filled, most cultured, gifted and the blessed continent amongst all…. AFRICA!



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The Year of Return

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Ghana’s 6th President under the 4th Republic Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo very much aware of the need to change the narrative as purported by Western propaganda knew it wouldn’t be easy to convince anyone otherwise on what they had read in cooked textbooks specially designed to mentally enslave people about the African continent especially Ghana and so he used the only approach that have always stood the test of time. ‘THE SWEETNESS OF THE PUDIN IS IN THE EATING’.

The year of Return was launched on (DATE) and with the help of many Celebrities around the world including Ghanaian born Borris Johnson and many others chucked massive success.

The Years of return saw over 25, 000 celebrities and African Americans including Westerners visit Ghana and many out of that numbers have made Ghana their permanent home in Ghana….. the recurrent testimony of many was that the reality and beauty of the land and its people coupled with the enormous financial opportunities she provides woefully pales in contrast to the negative propaganda pushed down throats by the Western media.

Beyond the Year of Return

“Beyond the Year of Return” aims to sustain and deepen the connections forged during the “Year of Return” by focusing on various aspects, such as tourism, investment, and diaspora engagement. The initiative seeks to foster long-term relationships with the African diaspora, encouraging them to consider Ghana as a place to live, work, invest, and contribute to the country’s development.

Through “Beyond the Year of Return,” Ghana aims to promote heritage tourism, attract foreign direct investment, and facilitate collaborations and partnerships with the diaspora. The initiative encompasses various activities and events, including business forums, cultural festivals, investment opportunities, and educational programs, all geared towards strengthening the bond between Ghana and its diaspora community.

Overall, “Beyond the Year of Return” represents Ghana’s ongoing commitment to engaging with the diaspora and harnessing their skills, resources, and cultural connections to contribute to the country’s progress and create a mutually beneficial relationship between Ghana and people of African descent worldwide.


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Our Services

Your Gateway to Ghana: Comprehensive Services Tailored for You


Experience the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes of Ghana through our curated tours and travel packages.

Ghanaian Citizenship & Naturalization

We provide guidance and assistance in the process of obtaining Ghanaian citizenship or naturalization, ensuring a smooth and streamlined application.

Passport & Bio Data Acquisition

Our team assists in acquiring Ghanaian passports and essential bio data documentation, simplifying the process for you.

Commercial and Private Property Acquisition

Whether you're looking to invest in commercial properties or find your dream home in Ghana, we offer expertise in property acquisition to help you make informed decisions.

Company Registration

Establishing a business in Ghana? We offer comprehensive support in company registration, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

School Admissions

Enroll your children in top-quality schools in Ghana with our assistance in navigating the school admission process.

Job Placement

Our network and resources enable us to help you find suitable job opportunities in Ghana, matching your skills and aspirations.

Vehicle Purchasing and Licensing

We guide you through the process of purchasing and licensing a car in Ghana, making vehicle ownership hassle-free.

General Consultancy

Our experienced consultants provide general advisory services, offering insights and guidance on various aspects of living and thriving in Ghana.

Choose EXODUS TO AFRICA Ltd. as your trusted partner in transitioning to Ghana.

Our comprehensive services are designed to make your integration seamless and enjoyable. Contact us today to embark on your journey to a new life in Ghana.